Finally Getting it Together

I didn’t get to ride last week so that’s why I didn’t post for the last two weeks.  So today’s ride was one of those rides where you just forget about everything and just… ride.  And to go along with that Warren was an absolute sweetheart today.

2 So most of our lesson was working on transitions getting him to halt from the trot and trot from the halt and getting him to do what I asked when I asked…which also means working on our halt and our…well, backing up.

Warren is still sort of “green” and not “finished” and you can obviously see it when you try to back him up.  It’s like dragging an anchor.  And I have this terrible habit of leaning forward when I ask any horse to backup.  Eventually we got him to halt cleanly and trot off from the halt…and well, get him to have a smoother backup than at the beginning of the ride.

And cantering?  He was amazing.  We cantered several times and I didn’t have to sit his death trot that much!  He went into it after several trot strides.  We cantered several times.

At the end of our ride my trainer had me ride on a super loose rein and got him to do change direction, do a circle (which I’m surprised that we could do) and even canter on the loose rein.

Something must came into our head because we finally pulled all the loose ends together!  Like seriously during that ride we just forgot all the problems we used to have.  He felt more responsive (although being a tiny bit lazy…wouldn’t get into his super big trot).  And he was just brilliant that day.

After that amazing day I decided that I was going to lease him on Sundays as well so I can work on things more for myself… since this ride I was so sloppy.  It wasn’t any super terrible form but I was leaning back a lot and often times my arms were either straight or almost chicken like.  So I feel like I need to work on my core and leg muscles and keeping my left. elbow. by. my. side!  I have a problem where I give WAY too much with my outside hand.  I need to use it more!

So I started my Sunday lease today and we rode in the dressage arena and he was just as good for me today as he was yesterday!  We did a quick warm up and then I decided to lope.  He was amazing!



I need to stop looking at the ground :P

I need to stop looking at the ground :P

The good boy gets pets... yes, even while we're cantering.

The good boy gets pets… yes, even while we’re cantering.

I then took him on a (very very very) short trail ride.  He was being VERY looky and anxious about two trucks coming down the hill we were going up which was strange since he has never been looky at trucks!  His head was up and ears were straight up.  And at the top of the hill he did a mini bolt/spook thing which was strange since he doesn’t get spooked by many things!  But after that he was very relaxed and I took him up Nob Hill and let him look at the beautiful view (in which he spent more time looking at the ground).

Here are a few form things that I need to work on:

  • Bending my elbows and keeping them by my side
  • Support Warren while turning with outside rein
  • Strengthen core and legs
  • Sit straight

I’m extremely happy with where we are at right now.  These two rides were a huge confidence boost.  And they were sort of the ride I’ve been waiting for.

9 thoughts on “Finally Getting it Together

  1. Your saturday ride was AMAZING. He did pick up the incorrect lead maybe twice but you fixed it :3 and we gave him a cute little forelock braid. And aramyste flipped out at your water. And we went on a pond walk and stuff. XD

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